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VW Autostadt 2010

In its long history, Volkswagen created many important pieces of the automotive landscape.

To make long story short, let’s count together:

  1. It all started with “the Bug” and two well-known gentlemen. Mr Porsche and Mr Hitler. The history of the KdF – a VW predecessor, is very interesting and not very popular outside of Bug-lovers, which seems to be the perfect excuse to write it here one day.
  2. After the WW2 it is the Brits we need to thank for rebuilding the VW factory and releasing the Bug in shape and form we know and love for years. Some of us actually hate it, but we will not go this route…
  3. The T1, aka Transporter, aka Hippies Van is born. Drawn by the Dutchmen on a napkin. A story that seems to be repeating in the automotive industry nearly as frequently, as the garage plays the part in Silicone Valley startup’s journey.
  4. The VW is on its last legs, nearly dying under the corporate laziness.
  5. Then comes the Passat, Scirocco and finally – Volkswagen’s opus magnum – the Golf. In 1976 it set the standard for a compact car. The standard we see today on every corner of every street. Neither VW nor Mr Farina invented the hatchback, but it is they who made it into the industry standard. Before the Golf we had the British ADO, French Simca 1100 and much, much earlier, a Citroen Traction Avant that sported the hatch. But more on that later.
  6. 80’s? I don’t care…
  7. … 90’s? I think – you don’t care…
  8. … Tiguan or Touareg? – nobody really cares…

Let’s skip some numbers and focus on one of THE BIGGEST achievements of a VW corporation.

This achievement is not a car, but a building. Or, in more detail, an entire group of futuristic buildings located right by the VW’s Wolfsburg factory.

It is The Autostadt.

One of the best places to learn the history and diversity of automotive industry thru the last century or so.

An eclectic collection of cars and vans, that show how much and how fast has the car evolved since the early 1900s.

Watch the pictures and plan your visit to Wolfsburg.

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