Wheels Worth a Story

Why this blog?

There are hundreds of thousands or even millions of automotive blogs online. Some are great, others – not really.

Why then should you bother reading this one?

Let me make you a little promise…

Everywhere I go, I always have my camera handy. I don’t care much about the beauty of my surroundings, nor can I catch in a frame a situation worth selling to the mainstream press for gazzilions.

And that’s actually a bummer… 🙁

What I can do, on the other hand, is spotting an interesting car, motorcycle, locomotive, airplane or any other machinery parked, driving or working next to me.

I will use this site to share those pictures with all of you.

Most frequently I will upload them as plain galleries, as some pictures do not need any words. Sometimes, however, I will add a paragraph or two, to throw in my thoughts, memories or stories related to a particular machine or picture.

I promise to update this blog as soon as I catch some interesting object. And it should be plenty, as I collect hundreds of pictures every month.

Have fun and keep coming back for more. I know we both share the same car-addiction…